"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease."
Attributed to Thomas Edison.

I had endured back pain for many years. After a car accident, I had neck pain associated with mild whiplash as well. These pains had diminshed my quality of life. I came to Dr. Kalb seeking relief. After several weeks of treatment my pains were gone. I currently visit Dr. Kalb on a regular basis to maintain my health and for treatment of small injuries. Chiropractic care is a wonderful alternative to pain medication as it treats the source of pain rather than just the symptoms. I recommend chiropractic care for men and women of all ages for prevention and treatment of pain associated with the spine. Dr. Kalb and his staff are professional, caring, and friendly. 

J. Heary

I've been a chiropractic patient of Dr. Kalb for over 15 years. My initial visit was for neck and back pain attributed to painting a ceiling. After Dr. Kalb resolved that problem, I've been on wellness care ever since, except for a few falls which brought on symptoms, which were quickly resolved. It's the best money I spend on myself every 2 weeks. My good health is due to my chiropractic visits. The staff is helpful and cheerful.

F. Adler

In January of 2000, I went to Dr. Kalb seeking relief from back pain sustained by improper lifting of a concrete bag during a do-it-yourself project around my home. As part of the routine examination, lying on the chiropractic examination table, I was asked to complete a number of movements. But when I was asked to place my arm, which was at my side, to the top of the table, I explained to Dr. Kalb that this movement could not be made without severe pain. Thinking that chiropractic medicine was for the back, I never thought to mention this problem which had now nagged me for a couple of years. Actually by time my shoulder was causing such severe pain and limited motion, I seriously thought my next step would be surgery. Luckily for me, Dr. Kalb said, "let me see what I can do with it" and proceeded to work on my shoulder. I watched with skepticism as one of the last things he did was to use a device that seemed akin to something from the Star Trek TV series, thinking "how is this going to relieve my pain?' But after a few moments of this treatment he asked me to move my arm above my head as high as I could, and to my amazement, I was able to lift it nearly three quarters of the way toward the ceiling without any pain. I couldn't believe the results and, from that day on, I became a true believer in the benefits of chiropractic therapy, and today I can tell you that after continued treatment on my shoulder, as well as my back, both are as good as new.

B. Struszkiewicz

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